Microbestiary welcomes new material for evaluation as website content.

Scientific information:

A scientific image, accompanied by a description, that depicts or represents a microorganism (bacterial, archaeal, viral, or protozoan), or its component structures. Acceptable description formats include text document, audio file, or video file. The text should be scientifically accurate, brief enough to be suitable for website use (approximately 200-500 words), and accessible to a lay audience (readers/viewers of all ages, with various levels of scientific background).  The image must be accompanied by formal permission from the copyright holder to reproduce it on the Microbestiary site.


Submissions that feature the following are highly encouraged:


  1. Cells exhibiting complex intracellular membranes
  2. Relationships between membrane structure and function
  3. Contributions of lipids to membrane structure and function
  4. Effects of environmental parameters on membrane structure and function
  5. Sterol biology
  6. Exceptions to the “rules” governing cell biology


Artistic response:

A digital copy of a work of art in any medium (poem, prose, visual art, musical composition choreography, video…), responding to scientific information represented in the Microbestiary. Modest honoraria are available for some selected artistic contributions.


Submission and evaluation process:

Please send submissions or inquiries to: Submitters of both scientific and artistic material will receive a decision on use of their submissions from the Microbestiary administrators. In the case of submissions considered potentially suitable for use on the site, we will initiate a conversation to discuss this further. Contributors of material accepted for the site will be asked for a brief note for the Contributor Profiles page.