[micro]Brew Competition

The Microbestiary is excited to announce the first [micro]Brew Competition! Home-brewers are welcome to submit a beer to try and earn one of five monetary prizes that is inspired by one of the microbes on the website. Any microbe that is featured under “The Bestiary” tab is open for narrative sources. The submissions will be judged by a beer judge based on beer quality, and on the narrative that links the beer to the chosen microbe by two members of the Microbestiary team. We are planning on having a tasting for each beer submitted, which is why we are asking that each brewer submit four bottles.

Rules for entry:

  • No commercial brewing (must use non-commercial equipment)
  • Must be beer (50% malt base minimum)
  • Have to have a narrative associated with one of the microbes in “The Bestiary” tab of this webpage. The winning entry will have a clear link to the chosen microbe, explained explicitly in the narrative.

Note: this does not mean you need to use one of these microbes in the brewing process. Please refrain from doing so.

  • Submit 4 12oz bottles AND the narrative by August 17th
  • Beers will be delivered to the Microbestiary, the exact location of which will be emailed along with the labels
  • No identifying marks on the bottles
  • Use the labels that the Microbestiary will email you after you send your initial email of interest
  • Limit one entry per brewer

If interested, please email Upon receipt of your interest email, we will assign you a number and send a label for you to print off for your bottles.